Our highly motivated, technically trained management and staff have been working continuously to maintain the company’s vision of being customer & technology centric organization.

Bring focus to the customer needs and work in BOM (Build, Operate and Manage) model.
Work along with customers to understand their business requirements and provide versatile solutions to solve complex problems.
Grow along with the customers.


Teclinks is well placed to maximize the Telecom Implementation (TI) window and has invested in all the appropriate tools, top of the line test equipment and resource training, includes:

BTS delivery, installation and commissioning
 Microwave installation and testing
Rigging services
Feeder and antenna supply, installation and sweep testing
Electrical and power related services
Optimization and drive testing


Teclink has the relevant experience in managing all aspects of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical (CME) works relating to Base Transmitter Station (BTS) build activity according to International construction and quality standards.ME Works Include:

Foundation design and construction in accordance with International design standards
Site preparation, clearing and leveling of the site
Foundation excavation
Civil works, including all types of foundations, access roads, fencing, boundary walls and backfilling
Shelter and generator pads.
Shelter supply, delivery and installation
Greenfield and Rooftop Tower supply, erection and tower related services


Teclink offers a variety of deployment services through their team holding respective certifications and experience in various domains such as Routing and switching, IPT, Security, Digital Cross Connect, DSL and telecom installations along with Solar based solution.  The team has expertise in planning, designing and implementing most of the power full networks in Pakistan.

The foundation of this mix of functionary and process is a suite of planning, design, and implementation documented practices and optimization tools developed to ensure that processes are performed in a consistent and time-tested manner. Among these tools are planning and design tools such as customer requirements documents, design templates and site requirements documents. Implementation related tools include implementation planning templates and network ready for use (NRFU) documents.