Intelligent Transport System

We excel in engineering robust and scalable solutions for Intelligent Transport Systems, empowering urban mobility, enhancing efficiency, and fostering sustainable growth.

We provide a vast variety of transport solutions

We provide the complete ITS solutions

⦁ Electronic Toll Collection System (ETCS)
⦁ Traffic Management Software
⦁ Video Based Incident Detection and Traffic Analysis
⦁ IT network and control center
⦁ ITS Hardware

⦁ LED Dynamic Message Signs
⦁ Variable Message Signs, Controllers
⦁ Emergency Road Telephones
⦁ Weather Stations
⦁ Automatic Vehicle Classifiers
⦁ Weigh in motion systems
⦁ Power systems

Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC)

We are experts in seamlessly integrating technology and transportation. With a successful history in interfacing solutions and international business, our focus includes designing effortless transportation access and providing advanced infrastructure IT solutions for urban mobility.

E-Vehicle Services

We lead in charger and payment terminal design, boasting a high-capacity settlement center for over a thousand simultaneous transactions. Our services include remote technical support, real-time status checks, and efficient transaction processing nationwide. Leveraging advanced technologies like ETCS and ANPR, we prioritize user convenience in authentication and charging station construction.

FIMS & FIDS Solutions

We excel in seamlessly integrating airport operating systems, delivering full-service solutions for FIMS & FIDS, and ensuring efficient Aircraft Flight Schedule Management. Our focus is on providing airports with an efficient, high-performance, and reliable operating environment through dynamic information exchange.

Smart Airport Solutions

We specialize in Smart Pass implementation, streamlining access with seamless flow, efficiency gains, and enhanced security. By eliminating touchpoint redundancies and reducing manual ID check times, Smart Pass ensures a swift and secure process. Advanced screening minimizes threats, eliminating lines and the risk of unauthorized border crossings with false IDs. Our solution offers a concise, efficient, and secure access control experience.

Train Control System

We specialize in global business engagements and excel in establishing advanced interlocking systems for metro and high-speed railways around the capital. With a proven track record, our expertise ensures seamless integration and optimal performance in railway networks.


We specialize in advanced LTE-R solutions, incorporating state-of-the-art technologies like MCPTT, VOLTE, eMBMS. Recognized for our expertise in developing robust LTE-R systems, our comprehensive capabilities extend from design to test/commissioning, ensuring effective and innovative communication solutions.

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